Monday, October 11, 2010

Choosing to Be- Who me?

For the past four days I've been house sitting at my parents' house which is not in the town which I live in. Being here has given me time to truly isolate in a way that I hadn't done in a long time. Accept for the dogs, I haven't had more than 3 hours of human contact (which was a doctor's appointment) in the past 3 days. This might not seem like a long time, but for me it is. So- I've been talking to the dogs. I'm not used to this relationship where one talks and the other responds with an emotion, a sound, but no actual words. Hearing myself out loud reminds me of my own thoughts and reactions. It gives me a chance to observe myself completely without having the judgement of others, which often times skews our own perceptions of our true natures.

I think it's maybe a good thing that we sometimes talk out loud without having a response or an expectation of any response with maybe the exception of that which is just- our own Being. In the end really, does it matter what other people think? Not if it interferes with our Being. Our own Beings- or complete natural states where we experience logic, morality, love and peace- should show us what is true for us in nature. That is without comparing ourselves to others in a way that gets us away from our Being. Every 'human being' has their own way of Being which is unique to them and their personal state of fulfillment and peace. When human beings are at that state of peace and fulfillment they are able to access other natural states such as logic and love.

So what does it mean to Be something? Being something is a wonderful notion because it allows us to slip into a state which we choose {key word}. It could be one of service, gratitude, or cooperation, just as it could be one of disservice, resentment, or selfishness. These are all states, none good or bad, they are simply what we choose to choose. So the idea that someone would 'Be Love' just implies that they are "trying on" what they think 'Love' would feel like, or what 'Love' would do. Just like I call myself Niki (because that was the name given to me), 'Being Niki' is what I get to Be all day long as long as I'm sporting this title. People choosing to 'Be Love' is the exact same idea {only there is less emphasis on changing their material name to 'Love' as far as I know :-)}

Question of the Day: What are You grateful for?

I will refresh the question every time I post if you guys find this to Be interesting. Please play along :)

In service and at peace,



  1. Hello Nikki,
    Not really relevant to this post but I hope relevant to your work here. Its about "relationship psychology"

    Recent post by Bob Cannell

    and this is Staceys work

  2. I read all of the posts here. it's difficult to ascertain how much each individual has already informed themselves of. I have either knowledge of, resources pertaining to or experience in each of the following fields: food production (field culture-desert permaculture; hydro/aqua/aeroponics systems in greenhouses), sustainable building (insulation vs thermal mass; fortification; green roofs; water harvesting (purification; passive design), solar energy generation, fuel production, medicine, blacksmithing, and i also can list many books/ films that may help with ideas or shaping future endeavours. i am very interested in hydroponics systems right now and am wokring wit them to learn. also, I want to do more with composting (land is an issue). I know two people in this town that do a lot with composting. one has an incredible garden. good to build now.

  3. I am grateful to be learning from, and working with, the three women posting on this blog. I look forward to more of both.

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  5. Some sites people following this blog might find interest in: --they have good workshops coming up(natural building, passive solar, and water harvesting). --this is a national network for communities --food safety and nutrition --local food info --network in tucson for "greenies" --this is a green building resource --local beef --the email for ecoalition which represents all env/sustainability groups on UA campus. they are forming a STRONG network and will largely utilize already available voluneers. next meeting Tues 19th. oct at 7:15p. should be cholla room in cactus grill.
    Ideas: check out Udall garden (803 E 1st St, at the NE corner of 1st and Euclid) --UA sustainability site. some projects listed. --"Garden in the desert" is a club focused on creating a new community garden. Interested email is --good technology site. --as the url implies, also has good information on everything sustainable --medicinal plants --safety drug report --phytochemical/medicinal plant resources --medicinal plant resource --medicinal plant resource --medicinal plant resource --natural building --food integrity --geothermal tech --heat=energy tech --general sustainablity club
    Solar cats club doing work with solar panels at UA--ideas for res life. have to look that one up.
    CEASA--essentially hydroponics/aeroponics club. they will be doning future work with greenhouse refurbishing, growing, marketing, sales, organics, etc. email david story or stacy tollefson: or --info site reading and videos (documentaries) --documentary site
    -----note: for each documentary site, recommendations will be listed at a later time--
    above is national organics regulations (US) --sustainable farming internships (global?) ---corporate organics ownderships --as name implies --doc site not sure how useful --as name implies ---toxin danger --home birth resource
    To protect myself I will mention that these are resources and that I am not responsible for their content. I hope someone finds use somewhere in there.

  6. Thank you for all of the wonderful recommendations and contacts in your posts!! I'm sure they will be very valuable to us as well as anyone else who is interested in natural living and community living :)