Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blog Title Change

Hi all,

The decision was made recently by the collective project members to change the title to one that encompasses ALL areas of focus for this independent/co-dependent study. Again the range of topics/concepts addressed and shared are:

Locational analysis of where past civilizations/communities developed; including what led to both their population growth and decline, techniques/technologies enabling water supply and use, the 5 major factors that support and enable off-grid sustainable community living, resource conservation and allocation, bio remediation, how to create abundance with food and soil, vermiculture, permiculture, durable cooking techniques, how to work with farm animals, community organization and communication, education through psychology, human interaction with self and environment, group leadership skills, the understanding of child and adult consciousness, the impacts and abilities of thoughts on manifesting realities, the meaning of Being and co-creation, and why the concept of Love and Gratitude are so important.

This is obviously a very wide array of topics and quite frankly that's what we (or at least I) like about this collective effort. We are challenged to think outside the box and seek ALL the elements which gel to create the most idealistic yet realistic-topian- sustainable community and model society.

We encourage the blog readers to participate in any way possible in this open forum discussion, as we are aware that learning comes from all sides, not just in the traditional idea of a classroom or through student via teacher. We are all students as well as teachers and it is our right as well as duty to seek and share truth wherever and whenever possible.

Thank you to all of you who have been reading and/or leaving wonderfully insightful comments and teachings. We are humbled by your desire to help make this blog and world a better and more truthful place. Know that even if we do not reply to a specific comment, your sharing in itself is helpful, impactful, and important. The only way to truly spread change is by acting upon it, and the power of free speech and common curteousy are great ways to transform a culture.

So, the decided upon new title of "This is How we Live" is nothing more than our expression of wanting to change the way we live to ensure the most fit survival and thrival for humanity and community, while simultaneously realizing that we ARE in fact co-creaters in this learning process. Thus the title both implies a state of acceptance of our lives as they presently are, as well as what we could choose for them to look like in the very near future.

Thanks for your support,
Much Gratitude,


  1. This change in title is perfect. Now that's change we can believe in :)

  2. here and again we are confronted with opportunities, occasions, either to rise to or continue the name we're so easily sunken into as a race. these occasions allow us to show that we do understand concepts like compassion and sharing. there are those who've managed to integrate this into all time. I'm finding that everything just gets easier to be this way when the support is there. i used to not understand what support was. Now I'm seeing that it's there both in the big and the infinite; whether you're scrambling down a rock face to the waters edge to bring someone up out of it, or you're accepting a hug, we stand a better chance through understanding and community to make a leap to the next stage in our process to being "Whole". this is how we live, this is how we Will live.