Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In Between

There is a delicate space in between. In the midst of order you can also witness complete chaos. There are ways to view the future. There are people to inform. There is knowledge waiting to be touched and had and shared. There is truth that can be experienced through choosing oneself as the messenger of whatever one has chosen. I am seeing so much beauty in all the spaces in between. That is how I know. Being in between spaces of order and disorder is my daily experience. For every in there's an out, every conversation is a stable interaction among infinite possibility. The space between where we make sense and not (in our own heads) of what is going on is a very subtle place. It feels important yet subdued, moving but still, distant and close. This is my idea of balance. I find that speaking that which I am feeling come through me in words is almost so still that even the slightest but of ego trip is caught with a tear of justice.

How does this relate to anything. I am a mere observer of that which is taking place. Take it for what it is, please. If the truth is what you seek then go and seek it. Maybe find it in a book, but make sure to tweak it to fit your own circumstance. There are things happening in the world. There may be things that you did not see coming or anticipate as reality, but know that they are happening. Because awareness is all around and it's just a matter of tapping in. Please read all of this with the intention of only taking in what you choose. This is not the truth. It is only one version of it.

If you want to know what this possible version of truth looks like, got to This guy also named Guy, is not only an avid viewer of our blog, but a Being who has a lot of important information in this version of what we call reality. He knows a lot about resources, economics, and time frames. SO if you're looking for facts that have all kinds of things like credibility, importance, and RELEVANCE, please talk to Guy. He's a real guy and he'll actually be happy to talk with YOU.

Thank YOU for listening as best you can to my strange utterances of words and ideas. I feel it serves me well to speak to an audience, so I do. Hopefully you will spread the information you feel compelled to. That is all I hope lucky 9. And YES, we officially have 9 readers. Key word- officially.

Seek community and gratitude. Say thanks with good attitude :)


<3 Niki