Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Art of Photosynthesis

It seems to me lately that people are either naturally or unknowingly finding more ways to work together. The time factor is interesting. So many people that I speak with lately are describing the reasons why things just seem to be moving faster or feel accelerated in some way, and I couldn't agree more. It's almost like we are being pushed or pulled in some direction which allows for us to see the clearer picture. However this isn't the case for everybody. I feel that now more than ever those who have sought a lifestyle of independence and disconnection are now up against the concept of actually having to work with others- whether in the physical, emotional, or spiritual realm. I do feel some sense of resistance playing out for these individuals in the form of frustration, stubbornness, and fatigue. I see people beginning to question systems and ways of Being that have worked in the past but no longer serve the same relevant purpose or give the same desired effect. These ways of Being are subconsciously and consciously being questioned along the lines of reason. Within these soon-to-be-outdated ways of Being the dots are not quite connecting like they used to because the logic of those ways do not seem to override reason anymore, as perhaps they once had. And the reasoning for this reason translates to: Energy.

The sun, plants, and mobile co-creators of the Earth (other humans) are the three main sources in which people attain energy. The sun not only allows us to absorb nutrients through our surface bodies to enhance our "light bodies" (which refers to both our physically illuminated bodies and our energetic auric fields) but it also gives us a natural state of comfort and warmth. The plants of course provide oxygen and it is through the process of photosynthesis that this light energy (held in water) is absorbed and reacted with carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and food (in the form of sugar). So plants, with the help of the sun, directly feed and nourish our multi-layered bodies. Our final energy source, that is each other, is what feeds our soul bodies- that which contain our emotions and connection to a vaster consciousness. Human connection is our reminder that we exist and work with energy. The way in which we work with this connection energy (as we'll call it for now) is much like the way plants work with sunlight energy- through absorption and conversion into something else. The only difference is that we contain an operating system that allows us to work with free will. It could be argued that plants too have operating systems that allow them to choose whether or not to undergo a certain process or uptake a nutrient based on their physical condition, however they do not posses the organs of brain and heart which allow them to voluntarily create an emotional response like we do as human beings. Most plants and animals abide by the laws which cater to instinct and sensory responses, yet humans are gifted with the laws of reason. We have the abilities to decipher based on reason, what essentially makes us and thus others feel a certain way. Our free will directly controls and oversees how we absorb, convert, and eventually disperse our free will energy.

When we have the law of reason working on our side, we are able to clearly realize how abundant we are by nature in terms of all the various ways in which we get to create an experience. It is more beneficial and more energy conscious (in my experience) to create an experience which is based on making others feel good in some way. When I am being conscious and use my free will energy in this way I notice that the response among my co-creators is also one that is positive. For me (and as I am now seeing for many others) this positively conservative form of energy usage is one that relates back to simple reason.

How much more energy does it consciously take to ignore someone versus to smile when they pass by?
To think up a lie as opposed to being honest?
To me, the "greener" option directly supports: synthesizing positivity.

Question of the Day/Evening: What experience are You consciously creating for yourself right now?

For good reason,


  1. In some sense, time is a mentality, one that with the proper view, can be changed into a set of moments, or slowed, or allowed to be a runaway train with no other destination but terminal status. Since the later maintains absolute inevitability, I reason that the value of a moments glance is underrated and under sought. A lingering gaze can mean many things, the least of which is a positive feeling. As she states "free will energy" benefits everyone willing to share it, and sometimes even those indeed intent on not being open enough to accept. A chemistry reference could follow; it will not. One may live in slow time and maintain "productivity", but the actual deep benefits of this lifestyle far outreach merely ones accomplishments in the physical world. in slow time the mind and spirit have the opportunity to stretch and vibrate amongst all the fast moving particles. I believe this is observation, the learned ability to learn about life by watching it uncritically. Some peoples have learned a different pace, or rhythm, to life. and whether they mean to follow this holistic tendency, perhaps it is all that still permits their traditions to survive the assimilation into mainstream America. It is in these rural settings, that I believe people will find renewed in themselves a connection not totally lost or forgotten, one that may be rekindled, reforged, and a new grand experiment begin as times harshly change. We need to look deeply and decide what is important on that level, that level that some seem scared even to share with themselves let alone their closest friends. let no one feel abashed for feeling that there is more and that it can be fabricated anew in the most unlikely of places...perhaps even in the city of Tucson.

  2. Every now and then, we’re reminded why we care, why we try by having the opportunity to explain our existence. This experience was long overdue, and as such, greatly appreciated. Each of us, I believe, has a certain potential obviously for ‘feeling’ but also articulating those feelings. In this instance, I was offered an opportunity to remind myself why I care still and why I’m still trying to change the way my environment is. Our conversation began over a misunderstanding of the proper definition of what a friend is. His claim-that a friend is someone one shares commonality or convenience with-I had to dispute. I believe that ‘friend’ has the potential—as do all words—for whatever meaning we give them. So If we choose to intensify the meaning of a word-say friend- we’re free to allow it to mean the most intimate bond between people short of entering physicality. Words can be special. One may learn to listen to the sounds another makes and watch body language to gauge true feel and meaning, but when you develop a language out of common words just by being selective, considerate, and conservative with their use, one stands to gain the intensified *implied* meaning of the word. To rarify is to rekindle value. If I choose to reserve ‘friend’ for the fewest people I am truly, deeply close with, it has all the more significance. If we were all to adopt conservation in our use of words like we talk about with our resources, it would have the same effect of creating a more harmonious existence between everything we interact with. Appreciation, elementally, is paramount.
    In this conversation, I was reminded through my desire to “spread the cause”, that by exuding passion for life, one may seduce others to respect life as much and perhaps even feel compelled to the point of changing. We spoke of a common concept- of bringing people together to Be together- and this became the standard in our conversation for how people should interact. We thought, if only people could just Be, they things would come together. The issues that plague all of us could enter a new stage-one where the problem is obsolete, all anyone responds to is the solution. Jiddu krishnamurti once wrote of this concept. The problem he said with trying to solve something, is that everyone is so focused on the Problem and Finding a solution, they never just focus on the solution that exists.
    I have now a project building an ‘eco dorm’ to bring people together. The pull here is for people to come together in unified support of a good idea. Beyond that, each may teach and learn from the other how ever much each is seeking. This is the right of all of us. When we realize that the world, to find peace with, is immediately in front of us-our own little universe- we can begin on the path to health.