Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Teach Man To...Sound

Lately I've been toying with the idea of how people talk. Not just what they're saying but the sounds that come out of their mouths when they say whatever it is that is on their minds. In my brain I realize I must listen to the words but when my attention shifts it moves towards sound. The sounds we make are like the actions of our speech. The deliverance of whatever was chosen at that moment. 

This to me becomes profound in just knowing that our words have such impact in regards to their packaging. They directly influence how we're being heard and thus a possible end result to our self engaging conversation. My point here is that if we could shift our attention more towards the flow of the words rather than the literal words being spoken, we could actually be engaging in a completely different conversation. If "first was the word, and the word was G0D", then their must be some sense that "was the word" is different from "the word was". If we consider the concept of "was the word" we can imagine that the the word existed before it became something else. This implies the existence the something before meaning is given to it. This is the idea of Being.  

In this blog I will use the term Being quite a bit as it pertains to the self, or someone's absolute state of being. It centralizes not on the doing of that person (we'll stick with communication among people for our purposes), or the literal words of speech, but rather on the being of that person- they're complete state of consciousness. Awareness of consciousness is something I will address in later episodes. 

Stay tuned. Stay sound. 


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